A Renovation Consultant can help you create an action-plan for your home renovation project that makes sense. This plan should include establishing a budget and developing a prioritized list of needs and wishes. What’s more, the process of creating the plan will help you understand what to expect, both before, during, and after, your home renovation project is completed. Say if your are looking for kitchen remodeling in San Francisco we will act as a perfect renovation consultant

If needed, the consultant can also become part of your permanent home renovation team, ensuring that communication, quality, and scheduling are maintained. Acting as your agent on site, they can be your eyes and ears while you continue to live your life.

Renovation consultants also can assist you in the purchase of a property. In some cases – for example, if you are looking in a specific location where there are few choices within your budget – buying a “fixer-upper” may be the best option for you. If so, spending $150 to $300 on a consultant before finalizing the purchase of a property can prevent surprises down the road. By carefully examining the layout, current condition and zoning limitations, and then overlaying your needs and wants, the consultant can advise you about the design potential and the functional limitations of the property.

While every home renovation project is unique, the items a good renovation consultant will help you with will typically include at least the following:

  • Advice for Home Buyers
  • Fix or Move – Completing a Move vs. Remodel analysis to help you determine if you should move or do a home renovation
  • Feasibility Study – Assessing existing conditions
  • Renovation Planning
  • Developing project scope
  • Value engineering the project; suggest alternate materials or design approach
  • Developing a realistic budget
  • Choosing design professionals
  • Selecting materials and specifications
  • Producing the request for bid or proposal documents
  • Reviewing bids/proposals
  • Recommending construction professionals

San Francisco kitchen remodelingIf needed, they can also assist with:

  • Project Management
  • Managing the remodeling contractor
  • Monitoring quality control
  • Managing the project schedule
  • Managing weekly project meetings
  • Monitoring payment schedule and payments
  • Troubleshooting and Crisis Consulting
  • Mediating disputes
  • Advocate for Your Interest

Home Visionaries leverages the experience its team has gained over the past two decades in real estate, architecture, design, building, and development, to help clients optimize the benefits of their investment in residential property renovations. Home Visionary takes the increasingly complex and confusing language of today’s architecture, engineering and construction industries, and translates it into information that homeowners can use and act upon. We understand the complexities related to any building project and turn them into opportunities for our clients.San Francisco kitchen remodeling


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