About Gary

Gary Belk specializes in residential real estate and construction, focusing on single family homes and condominiums, as well as investment property sales and T.I.C. conversions. Over nearly three decades, Gary has sold real estate and developed diverse residential and commercial real estate projects across Northern and Central America.

Gary Belk

Following his graduation from Texas A&M University, where he earned a BS degree in Environmental Design (architecture), Gary began his career at a small real estate company in the Dallas suburbs before founding his own real estate brokerage, which, over a 1.5 year period, was responsible for over $15 million in transactions (in a market where the average home price was just $82,000). In 1990, Gary relocated to San Francisco and, while selling real estate, fell in love with the City’s diverse architecture and began purchasing homes for renovation.  It was through these nearly 20 projects that he cut his teeth.  In 2007, Gary became the owner of, and visionary behind, one of the Bay Area’s most prominent design/build firms.

Gary’s ability to coax both beauty and value from his projects has earned a well-deserved reputation for renovation projects that are both stunning and profitable. Gary stands alone in his ability to identify overlooked properties that have significant upside potential, both in terms of their ultimate design and their potential value, independent of market conditions.

Contact Gary:
Email  garybelk@HomeVisionaries.com

Phone 415 813-5083 ext 4


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