About Bionda

Bionda van Empel

Bionda van Empel specializes in contemporary modern European design. Her creativity and use of space has given her the ability to find the hidden potential in a broad range of residential properties. Over the last 10 years Bionda has been applying her skills in a variety of different international markets in Europe, South America, and the United States.

As the daughter of a cutting-edge Dutch architect Bionda has been surrounded by modern design from an early age. Always having been interested in many different aspects of design, Bionda studied both Fashion Design and Styling in the Netherlands and Interior Design in London.

After her education she first started renovating residences and later used her vision to buy and remodel properties to capture their ultimate potential. She is able to look at a property and see something amazing where others might only see an outdated inconvenient space. Bionda’s work in Europe has provided her invaluable design experience renovating century old properties including all the challenges working on monument classified properties; city planning, design, preservation, space planning, budget management and project management.

Incorporating all of that with a great eye for design and style makes her a unique addition to the team.


Contact Bionda:
Email  Bionda@HomeVisionaries.com

Phone 415 813-5083 ext 4


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