More Foresight

Fewer setbacks

Planning is the key to renovation success, and proper planning entails setting expectations.  When you have realistic expectations there are fewer unwelcome surprises.

When asked about a prior remodeling experience, most homeowners remember the unexpected things: cost over-runs, material delays, timelines slipping, just to name a few.  However, thorough planning, while not eliminating all surprises and unexpected discoveries or delays, can greatly reduce them.

Choosing the right designer and builder are the two most important decisions that face a homeowner. A mismatch can prove disastrous—but how do you go about finding the best professionals for you and for the job? Home Visionary acts as a matchmaker, using its expertise and know-how to find the professionals that best suit you and your project.

Our contacts with architects and general contractors, kitchen designers and subcontractors, specialists and materials-suppliers are wide-ranging, tried-and-true, and cover all budgets, tastes, and tasks.

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