Minding the Big Picture

with an eye for the details

We have worked on all types of homes and are extremely experienced in the business of architecture and building. As part of the implementation team, we deal with all the on-site issues so you don’t have to. Having job progress clearly reported to you in weekly meetings saves you valuable time and energy. In short, we’re your eyes and ears on the job.

How It Works

Many people assume that renovation consultants are just for large developments and skyscrapers. On the contrary, residential projects often have even less room for error and mistakes in their budgets. Your time is important and wasted money causes headaches.

Planning and Design

In the Renovation Planning Phase we set goals for your project, with a budget and a vision to get the most out of your space. We’ll advise on materials, including how much they cost and which ones gives you the best return on your investment. We will also match professionals to suit your needs. As your liaison between the architect and contractor, we make sure your best interests are their top priority.

Construction Project Management Process

  • Client Binder: We will provide you with a handy binder detailing what to expect, and serving as a place to easily store project documents, including our special list of recommended do’s, don’ts and important “survival tips” that we’ve found helpful in ensuring the project is a success.
  • Construction Pass the Baton: We start with a pre-construction walk-through or “Pass the Baton” meeting, which is when the renovation planning team hands your project over to the construction team. Pass the Baton is when we will address the logistical aspects of running your project with the construction team, including issues like where to store tools, where to post messages, and other logistical concerns. Home Visionary’s belief in clear communication will ensure as few surprises as possible once construction is underway.
  • Change Orders: We will ensure that any changes to the scope of work, including additional work days needed, caused by hidden conditions, building inspector requests, or client changes to the original proposal, are properly documented and approved in change orders, so as to avoid ‘surprise’ bills for extra work at the end of the project. (We also do this by ensuring in advance that the construction proposal from the general contractor is as complete as possible.)
  • Site Preparation and Protection:  We will ensure that measures are taken to cover and protect areas of your home that adjoin the work area in order to keep them as dust and scratch free as possible throughout the project. For example, we will ensure that, where necessary, temporary air filters are used during demolition to minimize the amount of dust that filters through the house.
  • Weekly Meetings: On most projects there will be a weekly meeting set up between you and the Renovation Consultant and the general contractor or lead carpenter, to provide an opportunity to discuss decisions to be made and any unforeseen complications, and to keep an eye on how things are going.
  • The Final Stage: Our attention to detail – especially when the final finishes are being installed and painting is taking place – will free you to enjoy the anticipation of living in and using your brand new space.
  • Job Clean Up: We make sure the construction team keeps the site as neat and clean as possible. They will clean at the end of each work day, do a substantial weekly cleaning, and ensure that at the end of the job the work area is professionally cleaned.


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