Complete Renovation of a Midcentury Home

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Complete Renovation of a Midcentury Home

The owners of this 1960’s era home were first and foremost concerned with the safety and stability of their home, namely seismic strength and guarding against water intrusion. Once the safety and stability issues were addressed, they decided to pursue a major remodel of the home. The scope of work included the following:

  • Voluntary seismic retrofit at the garage, soft-story level.
  • Remodel of the façade – remove brick, repair dry rot, and apply low-maintenance siding and stucco.
  • Repour the stairway to the main entry.
  • Upgrade single paned windows to energy efficient dual paned windows.
  • Paint the exterior.
  • Remodel the kitchen and dining room.
  • Remodel the master bathroom and hall bathroom.

The goals of the interior remodel were to create an open kitchen and to right-size the bathrooms. The home has a sweeping southwest view that was previously only visible from the living room. The owners were very conscientious about using green and/or sustainable products for their remodel and chose bamboo for the cabinetry, quartz composite countertops, energy efficient appliances, lowE2 windows, and low VOC finishes for their interiors.

The goals of the exterior remodel were to update the façade. During the pre-construction needs analysis, it was determined that the brick façade was unstable. The owners were happy to part with the brick and apply a smooth finish stucco and low-maintenance concrete shingles.

It was not a concern to add square footage to the existing 1700 square foot home; the main goal was to make the most use of the floor plan that they had and maximize the layout and flow. They now find that they spend more time in their living room enjoying their view, reading and being able to chat with each other while one is preparing meals in their open kitchen.

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This video shows the before and after photos.

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