A Linguistic Geography of Africa (Cambridge Approaches to Language Contact)

Greater than 40 years in the past it used to be confirmed that the African continent should be divided into 4 specific language households. learn on African languages has therefore been preoccupied with reconstructing and realizing similarities throughout those households. This has intended that an curiosity in different kinds of linguistic dating, corresponding to no matter if structural similarities and dissimilarities between African languages are the results of touch among those languages, hasn't ever been the topic of significant learn. This ebook exhibits that such similarities throughout African languages are extra universal than is extensively believed. It presents a extensive viewpoint on Africa as a linguistic region, in addition to an research of particular linguistic areas. as a way to have a greater realizing of African languages, their constructions, and their background, additional info on those contact-induced relationships is vital to knowing Africa's linguistic geography, and to reconstructing its heritage and prehistory.

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Nine on account that no lineage at the relatives point has been came upon to show the function on a regular basis, desk five. eight and map five. 7 purely contain person languages. a hundred and seventy Tom Gu¨ldemann desk five. eight Minimal-augmented pronoun structures throughout African lineages inventory Language or relatives crew (branch) zone Kordofanian – Heiban, Moro (Heiban) Nuba Mountains Bongo-Bagirmi A critical Sudanic Mbay (Sara-Bagirmi); South Chad; critical Gula, Furu (Kara) African Republic, North DRC Adamawa-Ubangi C N. Niger-Congo Dii (A. ), Belanda Cameroon, South Sudan Viri (U. ) Benue-Congo D N. Niger-Congo Ghomala, Ngiemboon, Southwest Cameroon Mankon, Limbum, Vengo, Akoose, Makaa (Non-B. Bantoid) Nilotic Q jap Sudanic Nuer (West) South Sudan Chadic T Afroasiatic Fyer, Ron, Sha, Kulere North-central Nigeria; (West); Marghi, Lake Chad sector; South Lamang, Xedi, Gude, Chad Buduma, Lagwan (Central); Lele (East) Mande W – Dan, Yaoure´ (East); Coˆte d’Ivoire; Toma (West) Guinea The distribution of this selection in all fairness dispersed and doesn't qualify as an isogloss of a few better linguistic zone. however, issues are comment- capable. Its common geographical and genealogical profile is analogous to that of the earlier positive factors in that it's synchronically limited to the sub-Saharan belt at factor and straddles an analogous set of households. extra importantly, there's a transparent focus of the function in a space that stretches from Lake Chad in a south- southwestern path, that is arguably mediated by means of areal touch. In concerning Chadic, Bongo-Bagirmi, Benue-Congo, and probably Adamawa-Ubangi, it really is akin to the genealogical profile of the areal ‘‘hotbed. ’’ not like so much different positive factors, consequently the prospect that a few early language nation of Chadic displayed this estate isn't excluded (cf. Newman 1990: 133, (a)). five. three earlier methods on reflection to the background of African linguistics, it's going to be famous that the macro-area into account has numerous different types of conceptual pre- decessors. those should be mentioned in short within the following part. five. three. 1 Westermann’s Sudansprachen the 1st examine which dealt extra widely with linguistic similarities throughout the broader zone at factor was once Westermann (1911), featuring a language crew The Macro-Sudan belt 171 J M L ok G H 24 N X F S T 25 W 1 21 20 2 22 23 26 four sixteen 29 18 17 6 B 15 27 19 three 28 eleven E 7 D 12 O V eight 10 Q P nine C U thirteen five 14 M Kordofanian R 1 Heiban 10 Mankon A N Ethio-Semitic 21 Lamang 2 Moro eleven Limbum O Omotic 22 Xedi A Moru-Mangbetu 12 Vengo P Surmic 23 Gude B Bongo-Bagirmi thirteen Akoose Q Nilotic 24 Buduma D Bantu three Mbay 14 Makaa 15 Nuer 25 Lagwan four Gula E Kwa R Kuliak 26 Lele five Furu F Gur S Furan U Ijoid C Adamawa-Ubangi G Dogon T Chadic V Kru 6 Dii H Songhai sixteen Fyer W Mande 7 Belanda Viri J Berber 17 Ron 27 Dan D Benue-Congo ok Saharan 18 Sha 28 Yaouré eight Ghomala L Nubian 19 Kulere 29 Toma nine Ngiemboon M Cushitic 20 Marghi X Atlantic Map five.

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